Digital Management

The bachelor’s degree in digital management initiates students into the globally interconnected digital world of work in the context of a course of study in business administration. From early on, the program looks at issues pertaining to information technology and data analysis. Alongside traditional elements of business administration, it covers such innovative areas as the management of digital business models and big-data management. As a graduate from this degree program, you can assume managerial roles and actively shape the challenges and opportunities arising from the digital transformation within your company.

Jobs and careers

The digital transformation of business and society gives rise to completely new challenges for the managers of companies. Topics like the management of digital business models, digital market and operations research processes, and big data are becoming particularly important. The bachelor’s degree in digital management prepares students for work in these forward-looking areas. The job-market situation is consistent favorable for graduates with business degrees, and those who specialize in digital technology are set to have especially good chances in future. The digital transformation is also triggering the creation of new roles and career options within companies – e.g. chief digital officer, data analyst, digital process manager, and customer-expertise specialist – for which graduates of this degree program in digital management are practically predestined.

Possible fields:

  • Digital marketing
  • Digital controlling
  • Digital operational-process management
  • Corporate governance
  • Business consultation
  • Digital logistics
  • Big-data management
  • Digital purchasing

Why Clausthal?

The bachelor’s degree program in digital management at TU Clausthal combines a full-fledged education in business administration with crucial digital proficiency from the fields of IT and data science. Our students gain skills needed for forward-looking activities such as the management of digital business models and analysis of large quantities of data using state-of-the-art methods from data science and artificial intelligence. The degree program is characterized by the attentive support students receive, the high value placed on tutorials, seminars, and projects accompanying the lecture series, and the choice that is open to students in the areas of data science, digital management, and profile development.

Program structure

The bachelor’s degree program in digital management incorporates elements of business administration, information technology, and data science. Alongside foundations of management, economics, mathematics, and statistics, students learn crucial digital skills in courses on business information systems, computer engineering, and big-data management. They acquire further expertise through seminars, a project, and a theory paper. A broad spectrum of electives in data science, digital management, and profile development enables them to specialize as they see fit. The degree program ends with the completion of a bachelor's thesis.

  • General foundations of business administration
  • Foundations of mathematics and statistics
  • Programming and software tools
  • Data management
  • Business analytics/management science: data analysis, decision-making, optimization, and market research
  • Information systems and the internet
  • Instruction in academic writing, business English
  • Seminar in business administration and IT, project, theory paper
  • Electives in data science, digital management, and profile development
  • Bachelor’s thesis

Program advisors

Prof. Dr. Inge Wulf
Phone: +49 5323 72-7646
Fax: +49 5323 72-7697
Institute of Management and Economics
Julius-Albert-Straße 6
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Data Science and Computer Science

Prof. Dr. Sven Hartmann
Phone: +49 5323 72-7118
Fax: +49 5323 72-7149
Department of Informatics
Julius-Albert-Straße 4
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Program outline

Type of program: Bachelor
Duration: 6 Semester
Language of teaching: German
Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Prerequisites: University admission requirements and English language skills
Start date: Winter semester (recommended). If you wish to start studying in the summer semester, we recommend taking our program.

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Follow-on Master's programs

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