University Entrance Qualification

To embark on a bachelor’s degree program at TU Clausthal, you need a general university entrance qualification. This is typically an Abitur as possessed by German high-school graduates, but thanks to a 2010 amendment to the Lower Saxony Higher Education Act (Niedersächsisches Hochschulgesetz), the Abitur is no longer the only possible entrance qualification.

Next to the Abitur, the Higher Education Act also recognizes other forms of university entrance qualification, such as a relevant Fachabitur (a subject-specific high-school leaving qualification intended for entrance into a university of applied sciences), a diploma from a university of applied sciences, or a vocational qualification like the German Meister or Techniker certificates. If you have any questions about university entrance requirements, our Advisory Service will be pleased to help.

Please note that some degree programs require you to complete a pre-study internship before the start of your first semester.

No restrictions on admissions to bachelor’s programs

There are currently no restrictions in place on admissions to bachelor’s degree programs at TU Clausthal, so you do not need to have achieved a particular grade in your high-school exams. Prospective students apply directly to TU Clausthal, not via a centralized admissions service. If you have a university entrance qualification and your application is complete and on time, you will be automatically admitted.

Master’s degree programs

The information on this page refers to the bachelor’s degree programs available at TU Clausthal. For admission to a master’s program, you need to have a bachelor’s degree and possibly fulfill further prerequisites, depending on the master’s degree in question.

Test your own aptitude

If you are not yet sure that studying science or engineering at university is right for you, you can take the anonymous online aptitude test on ThinkIng to find out whether you have what it takes. Apart from helping you see where your own strengths lie, the website is also very informative about careers in engineering.

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