Music and culture

Big band music at TU Clausthal

TU Clausthal is a hub not just of research, teaching, and knowledge-sharing, but also of promotion of culture in the Upper Harz and the region. The university’s symphony orchestra and chamber choir have been enriching Clausthal-Zellerfeld and the surrounding area for many years. In the 2017-2018 winter semester, TU Clausthal added another musical style with the founding of its big band.

The group includes some twenty musicians, most of them TU Clausthal students or employees, but also including high-school students from the Robert Koch School and local musicians. Under the direction of Domenic Eggers, a graduate of the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media, the band performs a varied program. Every musician who can play an instrument and enjoys music is welcome to join the band without a tryout.

Chamber choir at TU Clausthal

Since 2018, the chamber choir at TU Clausthal has also performed as the Clausthal university choir, making it an integral part of TU Clausthal. The university choir regards itself as an important guardian of culture for the Harz region. With about forty members – students, TU staff, and local residents from in and around Clausthal-Zellerfeld – the choir prepares one concert program per semester. It also performs at the university’s ceremonial events.

The choir performs with well-known soloists as well as with permanent orchestras such as the Göttinger Barockorchester and the Philharmonisches Kammerorchester Wernigerode. It also does guest performances at the Chortage Hannover choir festival and at concert venues such as the Imperial Palace of Goslar, Sondershausen Palace, Michaelstein Abbey, and the Halberstadt and Bad Gandersheim cathedrals. One of the main effects of the university choir’s cultural activities beyond the region is that is promotes Clausthal as a seat of learning. Its rehearsals and concerts are held in cooperation with the TU Clausthal chamber choir, which has been performing concerts regularly since 1985. Interested singers are welcome to join the rehearsals at any time. The choir’s work is enriched through professional voice training.

The TU Clausthal symphony orchestra

The ensemble was founded in 1960 as the TU Clausthal chamber orchestra. Rainer Klugkist has been our conductor since 2002. Thanks to our growing size, we changed our name to the TU Clausthal symphony orchestra in 2005.

The orchestra includes not only TU Clausthal students and staff, but local musicians as well. We practice once a week in the TU Clausthal auditorium. Periodically we fine-tune our technical and musical skills in separate string and wind instrument rehearsals, in some cases with the support of professional musicians. Finally, on a rehearsal weekend shortly before our concert dates, we put the finishing touches on our pieces.

Along with concerts at the end of the semester, orchestra members also take part in university and town festivities. Through a cooperation program with the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media, we offer its graduates the opportunity to complete their recital exam by performing at our concerts.