Student jobs

Student-assistant jobs

Known as HiWi jobs in German, student assistant positions are a chance to earn extra money within the university itself while you complete your degree program. As many of these jobs involve correcting younger students’ assignments and demonstrating calculations in tutorials, they can also help you consolidate your own learning and practice your presentation skills in an unpressured environment.

TU Clausthal’s excellent student-teacher ratios are carried through into the size of tutorial groups, which means that we run a relatively large number of tutorials and need a correspondingly large number of student assistants to teach them, so it is usually easy to find a job if you want one. While other universities may see a single student-assistant job attract more than 100 applicants, teachers at Clausthal frequently have to actively seek out students interested in a position – i.e. there are often more jobs available than there are potential candidates.

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