Campus life – surrounded by nature

TU Clausthal offers a unique and international atmosphere. Amid wide expanses of natural scenery, students and scholars study and research in close collaboration. Students’ high level of satisfaction and the quality of education here are reflected in the good marks that TU Clausthal regularly receives in university rankings.

TU Clausthal distinguishes itself from other German universities through its excellent learning environment. The small campus fosters good relationships between students and teachers, creating optimal conditions for a successful student experience.

Study when and where you want to

Many lectures at TU Clausthal are available on the university website as videos. Students can use their smartphones and laptops to work on their courses anywhere at any time. Thanks to the eduroam network, free wi-fi is available not only on campus, but in many locations across Germany and worldwide.

Students with a private room can use a DSL line to establish a fast connection to the university via the science and education network, and can access internal information on the university network via a VPN. There are also numerous networked computer workstations available at the university’s computer centers, many of which are equipped with specialist software. 

This network infrastructure provides the foundation for IT support for studying and teaching. Around the clock, you can use study materials, conduct online and library research, create course schedules from the online course catalogue, register for exams, and communicate with instructors and study groups – on the go and anywhere.

Finding information ...

Print and digital resources for your studies are available at the Clausthal university library (Leibnizstraße 2). The library has particularly extensive holdings in the natural sciences, engineering, computer science, mathematics, and business administration. The library also has subject-specific databases as well as the citation management program Citavi.

The university library team is happy to help you with any questions you may have about bibliographic research. Or feel free to attend any of our regularly offered introductory sessions on conducting research.

In recent years, the university library has become a dynamic study center, with a number of group and individual workstations. Most of these stations are equipped with power outlets so that you can work online with your laptop. Printers, scanners, and copy machines are available to you in work areas.

The library is also well equipped for study breaks: On the ground floor there is a kiosk offering snacks and drinks on afternoons, evenings, and weekends.