Families welcome

Can parents be students too? In Clausthal, the answer to this question is a resounding “yes!” As a signatory to the “Family on Campus” charter, TU Clausthal has made a voluntary commitment to a family-friendly environment.

The childcare facilities “Campus Zwerge” and “Uni Mäuse” are specially dedicated to providing care for children of TU students and employees. The opening hours are tailored to working hours and students’ schedules, and offer the option of flexible care. Flexible childcare is particularly important for students with children as it enables them to study for exams or attend courses outside the regular childcare hours.

The child-friendly campus infrastructure includes a parent-child section of the dining hall, a parent-child room in the library, and diaper changing facilities in heavily frequented university buildings. Numerous events and activities enable students with children to get to know other TU Clausthal students with children.

TU Clausthal’s small size is also a major advantage for students with children. Parents of young children report that they know many of the contact people on campus personally, and the short distances between places make many things simpler.


Families at TU Clausthal

Click here for the Family Services Office website.