Applications & advice


1. Choose a degree program

Take a look at what you can study at TU Clausthal. Students wishing to take a master’s program need to already have a bachelor’s degree – so if you do not yet have a university degree, you will have to sign up for a bachelor’s degree program first.

2. Make sure you are qualified to start university

All you need to qualify for any of the bachelor’s degree programs at TU Clausthal is a university entrance qualification. An Abitur (German high-school diploma) is one such qualification. If you do not have an Abitur, however, there are other ways to qualify for university entrance.

Some master’s degree programs require you to fulfill certain prerequisites (see the relevant admission regulations). The same is true of mid-career master’s degree programs (see the relevant exam regulations).

Special rules apply to students who have acquired their university entrance qualifications outside of the German school system.

3. Deadlines

The portal for online applications for the winter semester 2023/24 will be activated on May 24, 2023. From then on, you can apply for studies at TU Clausthal in the winter semester. The application deadline for Bachelor's programs for the winter semester is October 15, 2023. For Master's programs, the application deadline is October 1, 2023, after which applications are no longer possible. The admission regulations of the Master's programs may also stipulate further regulations.

Applications for studies in the summer semester 2024 will then be possible again from December 2023. The exact dates for this will be announced later.

Preparatory semester: The Steiger College program at TU Clausthal provides a unique preparatory semester for all students wishing to get started with their bachelor’s programs in the summer semester. You will find the relevant application deadlines on the Steiger College web pages.

4. Apply online

Complete an online application.

5. Documents

We need certain documents (e.g. certificates) to process your application. You will be told during the online application process exactly which documents are needed and what address you should send them to.

Health insurance notifications procedure for students from 2022

From January 1, 2022, all data transfer between universities and health insurance providers, in both directions, must take place electronically. This electronic procedure replaces the paper procedure used previously and may lead to notifications being delayed. In the notifications procedure for students, data subject to notification obligations are shared between universities and health insurance providers.

Universities send information on the beginning and completion of insured students’ degree programs to their health insurance providers.

The health insurance providers notify each university of, for example, students’ insurance status, switches from one provider to another, and unpaid health insurance contributions.

You need a certificate of your insurance status (whether you have mandatory insurance or are exempt) before you can enroll at TU Clausthal. As part of the online enrollment process, please contact your health insurance provider, giving the sender number of TU Clausthal, H0000873. The insurance provider then sends us the necessary notification.

6. Wait for your acceptance letter from TU Clausthal

If your application is successful, we will let you know. While you wait, you could sign up for a preparatory course, think about applying for BaföG funding, and start looking for accommodation.

7. Enrolling & starting your studies

Your acceptance letter will include some more information about studying at TU Clausthal. If you wish to take up your place here, please pay your semester fees as indicated in the letter and hand in any additional documents which the letter may ask you to provide. Once we receive those documents and your semester fees, you will be enrolled. If you are transferring from another university, this is the point when you can safely exmatriculate from there.


Prospective international students

Find out more about applying from outside of Germany.

Advisory Service

Central Student Advisory Service

General advice for prospective students and students
Adolph-Roemer-Straße 2a
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld
Phone: +49 5323 72-3671

University Entrance Qualification

University entrance

To take a bachelor’s degree program at TU Clausthal, you need a general university entrance qualification equivalent to an Abitur. To start a master’s degree program, you need to have a bachelor’s degree. Read more here.

Studying without the usual qualifications

Studying without the usual qualifications

Under the Lower Saxony Higher Education Act (Niedersächsisches Hochschulgesetz), if you do not have the general Abitur, you can still qualify for university entrance with, for example, a relevant Fachabitur (a subject-specific high-school leaving qualification intended for entrance into a university of applied sciences), a diploma from a university of applied sciences, or a vocational qualification like the German Meister or Techniker certificates.

Industrial placement

Industrial placements

Theory and practice : If you come to TU Clausthal, you have decided on a course of study with a strong focus on practical application. That is why many of our degree programs involve completing a work placement in a company within the relevant industry.


Techniker2Bachelor is our special access program enabling those with vocational qualifications, such as the German Techniker certificate, to take a degree program at TU Clausthal.