Mid-career studies

In the discourse around education policy, the necessity and importance of continuous academic education is undisputed. Not only to cope with the increasing challenges of technological development, international competition, and the growing need for highly qualified specialists, but also to avoid social conflict, we need to enable people to constantly update their expertise. Especially in view of an ever-more competitive, fast-changing job market, personnel need to keep developing and adding to their knowledge and skills. In our vision for research and teaching at TU Clausthal, we have enshrined life-long learning as one of the key pillars of the university’s educational mission.

The continuing education offered by the Clausthal Executive School at TU Clausthal is designed to provide mid-career master’s degree programs and individual certification programs at the intersection of academia and working practice. A target audience of leading engineers and scientists find courses here to enhance chiefly their engineering, intercultural, and leadership skills.

The mid-career programs at the Clausthal Executive School are interdisciplinary, reaching beyond the boundaries of traditional academic fields and precisely tailored to your needs and to the limited time you have available outside of your job. All classes are based on the blended-learned concept, making your university studies a lot easier to incorporate into your working life. Relevant topics from current research in your field are combined with interdisciplinary subject matter and intercultural competence to form a well-rounded package that will comprehensively ready you for the future.

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Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering

This master’s degree program combines content from engineering, the natural sciences, and information technology to teach development and construction of complex technical systems.