Doctorate studies

Doctorate studies – from M.Sc. to Dr.

A master’s or Diplom degree can be followed by a further period of university studies in pursuit of a doctorate degree. Gaining a doctorate, which earns you the title Dr. or Dr.-Ing., usually means writing a dissertation, participating in an open colloquium, and passing an oral exam. The aim is for doctorate students to prove themselves capable of independent and advanced academic work.

Doctorate studies are significantly different from bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Doctorate students usually work as junior research staff, either at the university itself or in a company that has a research partnership with TU Clausthal, alongside their work on their  dissertation.

The Faculty of Natural and Materials Science confers a doctor of natural science degree (with the German title Dr. rer. nat.) for academic achievements in the natural sciences and a doctor of engineering degree (with the German title Dr.Ing.) for academic achievements in engineering. The Faculty of Energy and Economic Sciences and the Faculty of Mathematics/Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering take a similar approach, the former also conferring a doctor of economic science degree (with the German title Dr. rer. pol.) for academic achievements in economics or business administration.