Digital Technologies (Bachelor)

Your computer science degree for digitalization and sustainability

DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES is the innovative, practice-oriented computer science program offered by TU Clausthal and Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences. During your studies, you will become an expert in the development of digital sustainable innovations in order to subsequently advance the digital transformation and shape the future in a sustainable way.

New in the study program - Study DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES with practical cooperation

Starting in the winter semester 2023/24, you will have the opportunity to study DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES with practical cooperation at one of the Center for Digital Technologies' (DIGIT) practical partners. Here you can already earn money during your studies, get to know the company in the accompanying practical phases and additionally deepen practical experience from your studies. You can find all information about the study program with practical cooperation as well as current job offers here.

DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES - Your practice-oriented computer science degree program

No other discipline develops as rapidly and produces as many innovations as computer science. As a computer scientist, you are an all-rounder who can shape the future with digital technologies and advance the digital transformation.

The DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES study program combines theory and practice in an innovative way. The high level of practical relevance makes the program unique.

At the beginning of your studies, you will acquire basic technical and methodological knowledge of computer science and mathematics. From the second semester on, you choose your individual field of application and thus determine your professional focus. In addition, there are the interdisciplinary digitization projects - the heart of the DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES study program.

Exciting digitization projects, fewer theoretical exams

In digitization projects, small teams of Bachelor's and Master's students work together over the semester on problems related to digitization and apply their theoretical knowledge in practice.

In addition to the theoretical foundations, the interdisciplinary digitization projects also provide students with broad application skills in the following areas:

  • Project management and creativity techniques
  • Practical hardware and software projects
  • Soft skills (communication, conflict and teamwork skills)
  • SCRUM as a project and product management tool for agile software development

Choose your professional focus

Bachelor students choose the application area that interests them most and thus set their professional focus. Thus, they gain insights and experience in modern business fields of economy and industry already during their studies - the best prerequisites for an excellent start into their later professional life!

These are the current fields of application

  • INDUSTRY 4.0

Develop innovations for a sustainable future

Digital technologies and innovations can be used to sustainably design and transform industrial processes. Whether it's next-generation recycling robots, even smarter control applications for buildings or production processes, or even apps for future mobility services - students in the Digital Technologies program learn to develop all of these digital innovations. No matter what our students choose, they are always at the forefront at the interface between computer science and the application field.

We also support and promote start-up projects in the area of sustainable innovations by our students.

After the DigiTec study

After the bachelor's degree, you can study in the consecutive master's degree program DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES or start your professional life directly in the following fields of activity:

  • Software developer or engineer in our application areas.
  • Agile project management
  • Srum Master
  • Innovator and founder
  • Scientist
  • Designer of industrial, sustainable processes
  • Consultant for digital transformation and sustainability
  • Developer of modern human-machine interaction
  • Developer of the latest AI applications
  • Product Owner
  • Agile Coach


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Student Advisory Service

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Advisor for the subject/program responsible at the Clausthal University of Technology Prof. Dr. Andreas Rausch E-Mail:


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Application and admission

The Bachelor DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES is a joint degree program of Ostfalia University and TU Clausthal. The program is not subject to admission restrictions. Application for a place on the course is made via the application portal of Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences and is possible every year for the winter semester. Application period: May 15 to July 31


Type: Bachelor's program Start of semester: September 1 Start of program : Winter semester Duration: 6 semesters Language of instruction: German Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Admission requirements: university entrance qualification Application period: May 15 to July 31 Accreditation :EUR-Inf label; accreditation notice AR accredited until March 31, 2028

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