Business and Engineering

Experts in business and engineering help ensure that technical problems are approached in an economically sound manner and that management issues are resolved within the given technological parameters. The aim of our consecutive bachelor’s and master’s programs is to produce graduates who can make connections and smooth the overlaps between technological and business concerns. The master’s program prepares them to take a creative approach to new challenges in their professional lives. Completion of this degree enables graduates to work in academia and fulfils the formal requirements for subsequent doctorate studies.

Jobs and careers

The master’s degree in business and engineering follows cutting-edge research, thereby facilitating the rapid transfer of new knowledge into business practice. TU Clausthal seeks to provide a broad-based education with a combination of general engineering and business expertise to enable its graduates to take on demanding roles in the job market. One future-proof focus that students can choose – management of energy and mineral resources – covers the entire value chain of energy supply, from the extraction of energy sources to the sale of energy in its various forms on the market. Production and processes, a more general possible focus, takes a wider perspective on manufacturing processes. Focusing instead on materials engineering prepares students for jobs in sectors engaged in researching, developing and commercializing modern metallic, inorganic, and organic materials.

  • Extractive industries and process engineering
  • The energy sector
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Steel, plastics, and construction materials
  • The automobile industry
  • Business consulting

Why Clausthal?

TU Clausthal’s master’s degree in business and engineering imparts a broad-based education in both disciplines that, while aligned with particular subject areas – production processes, energy and mineral resources, or materials engineering – does not seek to make students specialize in subcategories of engineering. This makes our program unique in all of Germany, and the success of our alumni demonstrates that it completely meets the needs of the job market. The program is furthermore distinguished by the attentive support provided to students, the high teaching quality, and its highly international nature. An eight-week pre-study internship plus laboratory classes relevant to the different focus areas are especially useful in ensuring that students can relate what they learn to real-world applica.

Program structure

In the master’s degree in business and engineering, students are introduced to state-of-the-art research areas in the three focuses they can choose from: production and processes, management of energy and mineral resources, and materials engineering. Each focus has a specially tailored set of business-administration courses, which students can follow up as they wish through the classes they choose from a wide range of electives and one seminar. Finally, elements of engineering and business are combined in such interdisciplinary subjects as project and resources management, material flow and logistics, the electricity industry, and energy economics.

Focus Production and Processes


  • Computer-integrated product development
  • Computer-integrated manufacturing
  • Factory and plant design
  • Material flow and logistics


  • Supply chain management
  • Distribution logistics
  • Market research
  • Project and resources management
Focus Management of Energy and Mineral Resources


  • Underground and strip mining
  • Petroleum production systems
  • Fossil fuels and renewable energy sources
  • The electricity industry


  • Sustainability management
  • Accounting for the energy sector
  • Operational planning of energy systems
  • Energy and environmental economics
Focus Materials Engineering


  • Materials science
  • Introduction to organic chemistry
  • Materials engineering
  • Thermochemistry of materials


  • International and strategic management
  • Market research
  • Industrial economics
  • Foreign trade and investment

Industrial placement(s)

This degree program includes an eight-week industrial placement, which takes the form of a commercial or technical pre-study internship.

Program advisors

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Zimmermann
Phone: +49 5323 72-7640
Fax: +49 5323 72-7699
Institute of Management and Economics
Julius-Albert-Straße 2
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Focus Management of Energy and Mineral Resources

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Hardebusch
Phone: +49 5323 72-3178
Fax: +49 5323 72-2371
Institute of Mining
Erzstraße 20
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Focus Production and Processes

Dr.-Ing. Michael Wächter
Phone: +49 5323 72-2134
Institute for Plant Engineering and Fatigue Analysis
Leibnizstraße 32
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Focus Materials Engineering

Dr. Leif Steuernagel
Phone: +49 5323 72-2947
Fax: +49 5323 72-2324
Institut für Polymerwerkstoffe und Kunststofftechnik
Agricolastraße 6
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Program outline

Type of program: Master
Duration: 4 Semester
Language of teaching: German
Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Start date: Admission to the winter semester, but also to the summer semester possible.
Accreditation: Urkunde-ASIIN


The prerequisite for admission to the Master's programme in Business and Engineering is a Bachelor's degree in Business and Engineering or a closely related course of study. The decision as to whether a previous course of study is suitable in terms of subject is made by the entrance examination board, which determines the type and scope of the relevant subject requirements in the admission regulations.