Chemistry (Bachelor)

The world today is full of chemistry. As essential chemicals, polymers, or medicines, in innovative energy storage or the latest nanomaterials – chemistry is everywhere. TU Clausthal's bachelor’s degree program in chemistry imparts the knowledge and ability to play a role in this fascinating field.

Chemistry at Clausthal is very much focused on practical application, which is why we not only teach the underlying theory but also coach experimenting skills in a large number of laboratory classes.

Chemistry is a global field. We are therefore using a new strategy for teaching and study in German and English, communicating the specialized English vocabulary and phraseology in a proficient and stress-free manner.

Jobs and careers

As qualified scientists, chemistry graduates have excellent career prospects. Next to the chemical industry, our alumni find jobs in marketing, consulting, and administration. Recognized throughout Europe, a B.Sc. in chemistry provides the optimum conditions for a master’s degree in chemistry or indeed another course of further study in materials science, process engineering, or life sciences. Many students follow their M.Sc. with doctorate studies, bringing their own creativity to bear in demanding scientific research work.

TU Clausthal recommends that its B.Sc. graduates pursue a master’s degree.

Possible fields

  • Laboratory work in the chemical industry
  • Chemical products
  • Quality control and quality management
  • Consulting
  • Marketing
  • Expert within an association or public body
  • Patents
  • Science editor

Why Clausthal?

The B.Sc. in chemistry is a modern degree program with a strong focus on the practical application of the content and skills it teaches. As numerous rankings have confirmed, it is attractive for the attentive support provided to students in lectures, tutorials, and laboratory classes. Wide-ranging advisory services and flexibility make it possible to study here even in special personal circumstances, e.g. if you have a new baby, a loved one requiring care, or an ongoing career. This degree program can be done part-time.

The bachelor’s degree in chemistry has a strong international focus: After the first year, which is taught entirely in German, an increasing number of courses are offered in English. This serves to teach English chemical vocabulary and phraseology without students having to fulfil any additional requirements. Exams can be in German or English.

Program structure

Arranged in modules, the program begins with foundations of mathematics, physics and general chemistry. Then students learn elements of chemistry in lectures, tutorials, and laboratory classes in the core fields of inorganic and analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry. There follows more in-depth study in the three core fields plus Clausthal’s specialty: technical chemistry. The program is rounded off with an excursion, optional modules in chemistry and materials science, and cross-cutting courses in, for example, IT or business administration. It ends with completion of a research placement and a scientific bachelor’s thesis.


  • Mathematics and physics
  • General and inorganic chemistry
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • Physical chemistry
  • Technical chemistry
  • Optional module (e.g. biochemistry, macromolecular chemistry, or a materials science module)
  • Bachelor’s thesis (three months)

Part-time study

The Bachelor's degree program in Chemistry can also be studied part-time. Further details on the requirements, structure and legal consequences of part-time studies are regulated by the"Regulations for Part-time Studies (TzO)" of Clausthal University of Technology in the currently valid version.

Before applying for and taking up part-time studies, a counseling interview with the responsible part-time study coordinator is obligatory. During this counseling interview, the part-time study coordinator agrees on an individual study plan (learning agreement) for the part-time study in consultation with the student.

The form for applying for part-time study (incl. Learning Agreement) can be found here:

Program advisors/Program Supervisor

apl. Prof. Dr. Jörg Adams
Phone: +49 5323 72-3171
Fax: +49 5323 72-2863
Institute of Physical Chemistry
Arnold-Sommerfeld-Straße 4
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld


Program outline

Type of program: Bachelor
Duration: 6 Semester
Language of teaching: German
Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Prerequisites: University admission requirements
Start date: Winter semester (recommended). If you wish to start studying in the summer semester, we recommend taking our Steiger College program.
Accreditation: Urkunde ASIIN accredited until 30.09.2025

Starting your studies


Welcome Weeks (before the start of lectures)
The Clausthal University of Technology supports the start of studies with various event formats.

Pre-course in mathematics (before the start of lectures)
The Institute of Mathematics offers a pre-course in mathematics for all first-year students.