Computer science (Master)

Computer science is a young science that brings improvements to all areas of our daily lives. It is equally engineering, fundamental as well as applied science. Computer science is one of the driving forces behind technological progress in society, business and science. It develops innovative information and communication technologies that change our lives permanently. Computer science creates essential theoretical, technical and practical prerequisites for the increasing digitization of all areas of work and life.

Jobs and careers

The job market opportunities for graduates of the master's program in computer science are excellent.

Computer science plays an essential role in industry. For example, in aircraft development, more than 60% of the added value is created in the area of software and communication technology; in cars, more than 90% of all innovations have to do with computer science. The modeling and optimization of business processes and the use of modern information and assistance systems are also inconceivable without computer science.

Digital transformation and the development of new technologies are constantly opening up new, attractive areas of activity in industry, commerce and services, science and culture, energy and agriculture, banking and insurance, management consulting, and public administration.

Technological progress places high demands on the flexibility and learning ability of computer scientists. We train highly qualified graduates who are equipped to meet the challenges of digital change.

Typical occupational fields and areas of activity include

  • IT activities in departments for software development and for the design and implementation of information processes in industry, business and administration
  • IT specialist roles in companies in the information and communications sector
  • Development, optimization and operation of software systems
  • Planning and administration of computer systems and networks
  • Design, development and administration of database systems
  • Development of algorithms and software components for new hardware
  • Hardware-development with new chips, FPGA, microcomputers and sensors
  • Expert roles for the introduction of new solutions in the field of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, robotics and human-machine interaction in enterprises
  • Expert roles for IT security
  • Support, consulting and training for IT solutions
  • Leadership roles in IT departments, IT project management, IT companies and management consulting
  • Further doctoral studies and work in universities and research institutions

Why Clausthal?

Our master's program in computer science is research-oriented, practical and internationally oriented. You will learn how modern informatics models, methods and technologies can be used and improved in research and practice. In addition to the specialized in-depth study in selected areas of computer science and computer engineering, you will acquire specialized and methodological foundations of computer science research as well as interdisciplinary knowledge in an application area in which computer science plays an important role as an innovation factor. You will benefit from short distances in Clausthal and low living costs, an excellent supervision ratio and active research cooperation with partners in industry and other universities. We offer you a study program in an international environment with many international fellow students. We offer the research track to particularly qualified students who are interested in research. In this variant of the curriculum, students complete a one-semester research project as preparation for a possible doctoral study.

Program structure

In the first three semesters, you will complete advanced courses in computer science and computer engineering, courses on theoretical and methodological foundations of computer science and computer engineering as well as courses on applications of computer science and computer engineering. You can choose from a wide range of courses and thus optimally tailor your study plan to your individual interests. Accompanying tutorials, seminars and projects help you to apply new knowledge in practice. In the fourth semester, you will write your Master's thesis under the supervision of experienced academics. The Master's thesis can be written in cooperation with a company. A more in-depth profile can be achieved through the thematically appropriate combination of courses, projects and Master's thesis topic.

  • Seminar Research Methods
  • Elective courses in the area of Secure and Cooperative Information Systems
  • Elective courses in the area of Visual and Interactive Computing
  • Elective courses in the area of Artificial Intelligence
  • Elective courses in the area of Software Systems Engineering
  • Elective courses in the area of Data Science and Big Data Technologies
  • Elective courses in an application field, such as Geomatics, Energy Management, Information Technology, Business, Operations Research, Sports+Technology, Computational Engineering
  • Theoretical and methodological foundations
  • General foundations, such as skills in English, German and Intercultural Competence
  • Seminars and projects
  • Master's thesis

Part-time study

The Master's degree program in Computer Science can also be studied part-time. Further details on the requirements, structure and legal consequences of part-time studies are regulated by the"Regulations for Part-time Studies (TzO)" of Clausthal University of Technology in the currently valid version.

Before applying for and taking up part-time studies, a counseling interview with the responsible part-time study coordinator is obligatory. During this counseling interview, the part-time study coordinator agrees on an individual study plan (learning agreement) for the part-time study in consultation with the student.

Part-time study coordinator: See study advisor.

The form to apply for part-time study (incl. Learning Agreement) can be found here:


Program advisors

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Grosch
Phone: +49 5323 72-7186
Fax: +49 5323 72-7149
Institute of Computer Science
Julius-Albert-Straße 4
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Program supervisor

Prof. Dr. Sven Hartmann
Phone: +49 5323 72-7118
Fax: +49 5323 72-7149
Department of Informatics
Julius-Albert-Straße 4
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Program outline

Type of program: Master
Duration: 4 Semester
Language of teaching: German / English
Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Start date: Admission to the winter semester, but also to the summer semester possible.
Akkreditierung: Bescheid des Akkreditierungsrates; EUR-Inf-Label accredited until 30.09.2028

Starting your studies

Welcome Weeks (before the start of lectures)
The Clausthal University of Technology supports the start of studies with various event formats.

Pre-course in mathematics (before the start of lectures)
The Institute of Mathematics offers a pre-course in mathematics for Bachelor's degree programmes. Master's students who would like to refresh their mathematics knowledge are also welcome to attend this course.


The program is aimed at graduates of Bachelor's programs in Computer Science or closely related subjects such as Computer Engineering and Software Engineering. It also represents the consecutive continuation of the Bachelor's program in Computer Science at Clausthal University of Technology.

A transition from the Bachelor's programs in Business Informatics, Business Mathematics and Industrial Mathematics to the Master's program in Computer Science is also possible. Through elective options in the elective catalogs, students have the opportunity to make up for any missing courses from the Bachelor’s program of Computer Science.