Courses with industrial internship

Study programs Bachelor and MasterPreliminary internship (VP)industrial internship during studies - specialized internship (FP)
Natural and material sciences  
Energy and Materials Physics (Ba) 8 weeks

Materials Science and Engineering (Ba) - Major in Materials Science - Major in Materials Engineering



8 weeks 10 weeks

Sports Engineering (Ba)8 weeks12 weeks
Materials Science and Engineering (Ma) - Major in Materials Engineering 


8 weeks

Energy and raw materials  
Energy and Raw Materials (Ba)4 weeks4 weeks
Energy technologies (Ba)8 weeks10 weeks
Geoenvironmental Engineering (Ba)4 weeks6 weeks
Sustainable resource extraction and recycling (Ba)4 weeks12 weeks
Mining Engineering (Ma)8 weeks-
Business Administration (Ba) 8 weeks
Industrial Engineering (Ba)8 weeks 
Industrial Engineering and Management (Ma)8 weeks 
Mechanical engineering/process engineering  
Electrical Engineering (Ba)8 weeks10 weeks
Mechanical engineering (Ba)8 weeks12 weeks
Process Engineering /Chemical Engineering (Ba)8 weeks12 weeks

General trainee guideline (APr)

The General Internship Guideline (APr) of Clausthal University of Technology contains the common regulations applicable to the recognition of industrial internships in the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs.

Supplementary regulations are recorded in the study program-specific internship regulations/implementation regulations.

Deferral of the pre-study internship in case of hardship

For certain courses of study, a preliminary internship is required for enrollment. Proof (internship certificate and internship report) of the completed internship must be submitted to the Internship Office for recognition. In order to avoid hardship cases, it is possible to defer the pre-study internship (time deferral). In such cases, an application for deferral must be submitted at the time of enrollment.

Application for deferral of the pre-study internship