For certain official acts and services of the state administration, costs (fees and lump-sum contributions for expenses) are to be charged in accordance with the provisions mentioned below. Details result in particular from the Administrative Costs Act and the cost tariff from the Ordinance on Fees and Expenses for Official Acts and Services - General Rules of Procedure (AllGO) in the currently valid version.

Further information can be found here: https://www.mf.niedersachsen.de/startseite/themen/gebuhren/verwaltungskosten--gebuehren-1609.html.

The following fees/flat rates are charged at Clausthal University of Technology:

Status: June 2021

Transcripts, copies and other reproductions


black and white, per page up to DIN A4 format forthe first 50 pages

0,60 €

Writing expenses

Transcription expenses, per page, irrespective of the type of production, in the same chargeable matter up to DIN A3 format,for the first 50 pages

0,60 €


for each additional page

0,17 €


plus postage costs, if applicable

s. Postage costs

Official certifications, issuance of certificates and attestations


Per document

6,00 €

Issuance of requested duplicates (duplicates/ certified copies) of

Bachelor's certificates, Master's certificates, Transcript of Records, Diploma Supplements Certificates of the preliminary diploma examination, certificates of the main diploma examination, diploma certificates

Recent (document is stored electronically)

25,00 €

Older (document is NOT stored electronically)

50,00 €


Overview of passed

services / overview of

all services (clearance certificate)

from the 5th copy each

4,00 €

Individual certificates about e.g. study contents, course of studies etc. as well as

Official sealing of documents for use


Depending on time and effort - per quarter of an hour or part thereof

14,25 €

Granting of file inspection

Granting of file inspection

according to time spent, but at least

14,00 €


in case of dispatch of files, per consignment plus

12,00 €

a) The fee shall not be charged if the inspection of files is granted to parties to proceedings in ongoing proceedings. b) The expenses to be paid to third parties for the dispatch of files shall not be included in the fee and shall be charged separately as expenses.

Postage costs (as of 01.01.2022)


National (large letter)

1,60 €


International (large letter)

3,70 €


Transfer registered mail

2,65 €


Throw-in registered mail

2,35 €


plus any additional costs for express delivery, etc.

To be clarified via post office if required.