After completing the industrial internship

The following internship documents must be submitted for recognition:

Absence days must be made up. Overtime worked, as certified by the company, is also considered as compensation. Due to university events, the entire internship period may be interrupted for up to 3 days. All "absent days" (time off) in excess of this must be made up.


Internship report and explanation / reading confirmation of the internship report.

Furthermore, please note:

Processing will only take place if the internship documents are complete.

The submission of the internship documents is done online, with pdf-attachment, to

After completion of the internship, the documents for recognition should be submitted promptly(within a period of 6 months).

Based on the General Internship Guidelines (APr) and the respective internship regulations and internship guidelines, the internship will be recognized. You will be informed about this by e-mail.