EU internship abroad with Erasmus+

One of the program's goals is to promote mobility and international cooperation between universities and companies and to enable students and graduates/graduates to gain professional and life experience in other EU countries through an internship grant.


With Erasmus+, students can complete internship stays in program countries in other European countries during each study phase:

  • Students can be funded multiple times in each study cycle (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate).
  • Up to twelve months each in the Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral studies
  • Internships in other European countries of 2-12 months each (also multiple)
  • Internships within one year after completion of a study phase (graduate internships/graduate internships), if the application was made within the last year of the study phase.


What is an Erasmus+ internship abroad?

Students and graduates/graduates can use Erasmus+ to complete internships in companies or organizations in other European countries.

Stays are funded in all program countries (EU member state or its overseas territories as well as Turkey and EEA countries Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).


Requirements for an Erasmus+ internship abroad

  • regular enrollment at a German university, graduates can be funded for Erasmus+ internships if they have been selected for funding by the sending university within their last year of study of the respective study phase and carry out and complete the internship abroad within one year after completion of the respective study phase
  • home institution holds a valid Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE)
  • Internships in EU institutions and other EU bodies, including specialized agencies, as well as in bodies managing EU programs (e.g. National Agencies) are not eligible for funding


Advantages of an Erasmus+ internship abroad

  • EU internship contract between university, company and student
  • Academic recognition of the internship
  • Support during the internship by a contact person at the home university and at the company
  • Support for additional costs incurred abroad
  • Support in preparation (cultural, linguistic, organizational)
  • Special grants for students with children
  • Special grants for students with disabilities


The Erasmus+ funding

The financial support for Erasmus+ stays (internship) of students is based on the different costs of living in the destination countries ("program countries").


Advice and application for Erasmus+ internship abroad

The Office for Internships Abroad at the EU-University Office Hannover/Hildesheim has been coordinating the Europe-wide internship exchange for the University Partnership Southeast Lower Saxony, of which the TU Clausthal is a partner, for several years.


How to find an internship?

Students and graduates/graduates can find information here.

Information on the application process can be found here.


Have we aroused your interest in an internship in another European country?

Then come to the Internship Officeforan initial consultation .