At the end of the course

Cancellation of enrollment

If you have enrolled and then do not want to or cannot start your studies, you can submit an application for cancellation of enrollment within two months of the start of the semester. Please enclose the certificate of enrollment and the TUCard, if these have already been issued. The semester fee already paid will be automatically refunded to the original account.

Cancellation of enrollment means that enrollment has practically not taken place. Your data will be completely deleted and existing documents destroyed.

Time of de-registration

If you do not have to wait, for example, for the posting of a degree or the acceptance of another university, please submit the application for exmatriculation here as early as possible. Exmatriculation at a later point in time, e.g. at the end of the semester, is possible in principle, but retroactive exmatriculation is not.

If your application for de-registration is received here within one month after the start of lectures, the semester fee already paid can still be refunded. The refund is usually made within two weeks to the account from which the semester fee was originally paid.

Provided that you have completed all your examinations by the end of the examination period (30.04. or 31.10.) and are absolutely sure that you have passed them, you do not need to re-register for the next semester. This also applies if your degree has not yet been posted in the system; the relevant date is the date on which the performance was completed.

If you are not absolutely sure about the degree, please re-register and exmatriculate within one month after the start of lectures.

Exmatriculation procedure

Please simply submit the relevant signed application for exmatriculation as a PDF file by e-mail or by post. It is important that you destroy the TUCard and the certificate of enrollment if you have already re-registered for the new semester.

Exmatriculation certificate

As soon as the exmatriculation has been implemented in the system, you can download the exmatriculation certificate (certificate of enrollment) in the study portal.

It is best to print out a few more copies, as your access to the study portal will expire after about half a year.

Pension certificate; missing degree

Since the automatically generated pension certificate accesses the data in the system, the degree can only be shown there if it is actually entered in the system.

You are welcome to contact us as soon as the degree has been entered in the system - we will then be happy to send you an updated pension certificate showing the degree.

Alumni Portal of the TU Clausthal

If you have graduated from Clausthal University of Technology, received your doctorate or spent more than three months at Clausthal University of Technology as an international student and feel very connected to the university and would like to stay in touch with your alma mater and consemters, then become a member of the university's free alumni portal.