Recognition of professional skills

You can find an overview of the procedure here.

Have you completed an education, training or continuing education program?

If you have already acquired professional competences in the context of an education, further education or training, which possibly correspond in content with a module (partial) examination to be completed at Clausthal University of Technology according to your implementation regulations, please first contact Ms. Katrin Balthaus:

Dipl.-Ing. Katrin Balthaus Central Student Advisory Service

Phone:+49 5323 72-3671 Mobile: +491713062908 also available via WhatsAPP E-Mail:

Room 101- Main Building of the TU Clausthal Adolph-Roemer-Str. 2A 38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

You can find more information about a possible credit on the page of the central student advisory service:

Forms for recognition can be found here.