Procedure for medical certificates

We would like to point out that doctors are only allowed to issue certificates up to two days in arrears. If certificates are issued longer retroactively, this is not permitted and the certificate cannot be recognized by the examination office. Therefore, if you need a certificate due to illness on the day of the exam (e.g. Friday afternoon or Saturday) and there is no doctor's office open in your area, please contact the emergency medical service.

The central telephone number for the medical emergency service is:

0 53 21 / 68 90 30 or (without area code) 116 117.

The on-call service at the Asklepios Harzklinik hospital in Goslar, Kösliner Str. 12, is responsible. You can also use the above telephone number to arrange for a possible ride/pick-up service to visit the on-call practice.

Certificates must always be submitted to the Examinations Office in the original without delay (no later than one week after the examination date), stating the matriculation number, course of study and the examination(s) to be cancelled.

Please also note that certificates submitted here after starting or taking an exam will not be accepted. As soon as you start the exam, you declare your ability to take the exam. If you withdraw from the examination after it has begun, it will be deemed to have been failed in accordance with Section 22, Paragraph 1, Item b.) of the APO.


Registration for the module examination

Please note that examinations must be taken in accordance with the implementation regulations that apply to you. If module examinations are scheduled in your degree program, it makes sense to take them when you have heard all the corresponding module parts.

The online registration usually only allows you to register for the exams that are possible for you (if necessary, make sure to select the exam according to your field of study in the Master's program).

If you are registered for a module exam (e.g. Distribution Logistics, Supply Chain Management) but only appear for a partial module exam (e.g. Supply Chain Management), the result of the partial module exam will not be counted and the module exam will be booked as "not appeared". The examination is then considered as "failed" in the corresponding examination attempt.

Therefore, carefully check your execution regulations and the registrations made.

In case of any uncertainties or questions, please contact the examination office in good time beforehand.