During the Welcome-Weeks we will offer you free pre-courses.

(It is important for participation if you have your university account until the start).


Pre-course in mathematics:

Beginning: March, 20, 2023 - 9 a.m.

How? Probably as an online course via videoconference Big Blue Button. If the situation permits, it can also be held as a face-to-face event. Details can be found on the preliminary course website.

Lecturer: Dr. Jörg Kortemeyer

Pre-course days:

  • 20.03.2023
  • 22.03.2023
  • 24.03.2023
  • 27.03.2023
  • 29.03.2023
  • 31.03.2023
  • 03.04.2023
  • 05.04.2023

Details of the course can be found on the following website: Maths Pre-Course