Field of study Technomathematics

At Clausthal University of Technology, in addition to the content of a mathematics bachelor's and master's degree, you will gain in-depth knowledge of computer science and engineering and natural sciences right from the start. This gives you an excellent, interdisciplinary course of study with all the advantages of Clausthal-Zellerfeld as a place to study. Through practice-oriented work and close supervision by lecturers, you will be optimally qualified in your studies and ideally prepared for entry into the professional world.

Mathematics moves the world

Mathematicians are in demand - as analysts, generalists and problem solvers in almost all technological sectors. Mathematical models for simulation and optimization have become indispensable tools for achieving ever better and more economical use of resources on the way to a sustainable society, for example in the context of a circular economy. Our study program Technomathematics offers the ideal basis to revolutionize and optimize the future together with engineers, computer scientists or technicians. Mathematics is the key technology of the future!

Job description and job market

As a technomathematician, you will work in many areas of industry and business, where you will model, optimize and calculate complex processes. As an applied mathematician, you do not have to decide before graduation in which industry you want to improve the world later, because mathematicians are highly sought-after specialists for teams in very different areas: in mechanical engineering, in the automotive, aviation, chemical, pharmaceutical or electrical industries and, of course, in insurance and finance as well as in the service sector, the leisure and entertainment industry and in healthcare. In universities, you will mainly work in the area of research and technical development. But there are also excellent career opportunities with software providers, telecommunications and transportation companies, in sales or other departments of larger companies, especially in management positions.

The ability to not only apply but also intellectually penetrate complicated computer-based methods makes you particularly interesting for employers who rely on machine learning and artificial intelligence methods. This is not least true for start-ups. Perhaps also for your own?

Program advisors

Prof. Dr. Benjamin Säfken
Phone: +49 5323 72-2417
Fax: +49 5323 72-2304 (Secretariat)
Institute of Mathematics
Erzstraße 1
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Starting your studies


Welcome Weeks (before the start of lectures)
The Clausthal University of Technology supports the start of studies with various event formats.

Pre-course in mathematics (before the start of lectures)
The Institute of Mathematics offers a pre-course in mathematics for all first-year students.