Student tutors

Contact details for your student tutors (in Clausthal known as "Bärchenführer")

The tutors are available to you via e-mail. So don't hesitate and contact the students so that they can keep you informed directly (e.g. via Whatsapp).

So please look who is responsible for you from the following list.

Chemistry Bachelor

Chemistry Master

Industrial Chemistry Bachelor

Materials Science and Engineering Bachelor

Materials Science and Engineering Master

Energy and Materials Physics Bachelor

Energy and Materials Physics Master

Sports Engineering Bachelor

Energy and Raw Materials Bachelor

Sustainable Raw Materials Extraction and Recycling Bachelor

Geoenvironmental Engineering Bachelor

Geoenvironmental Engineering Master

Energy Technologies

Energy Systems Engineering Master

Environmental Process Engineering and Recycling Master

Mining Engineering Master

Petroleum Engineering Master

Business Administration Bachelor

Technical Business Administration Master

Digital Management Bachelor

Industrial Engineering Bachelor

Industrial Engineering Master

Computer Science Bachelor

Digital Technologies Bachelor

Digital Technologies Master

Computer Science Master

Business Information Systems Master

Business Mathematics Bachelor

Business/Technomathematics Master

Mechanical Engineering Bachelor

Mechanical Engineering Master

Electrical Engineering Bachelor

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Master

Process Engineering/Chemical Engineering Bachelor

Process Engineering/Chemical Engineering Master