Important addresses and contact persons

Student Secretariat

Responsible, among other things, for application, enrolment, re-registration, re-registration and de-registration as well as issuing certificates. room 103, main building (Adolph-Roemer-Straße 2a)

Examination Office

Responsible, among other things, for all examination matters. main building (Adolph-Roemer-Straße 2a)

Central student advisory service

Advises, among other things, in case of orientation difficulties at the beginning of studies, problems during the course of studies, personal difficulties caused by the studies, change and discontinuation of studies Mrs. Dipl.-Ing. Katrin Balthaus, room 101, main building (Adolph-Roemer-Straße 2a)

Study advisor

Advice, e.g. on questions concerning the relevant subject See "Pages of the study programmes".

Social counselling (SSB)

Advice on questions and difficulties of a financial, social and personal nature, among other things. Student Center (Silberstr. 1)

Psychological counselling (PSB)

Advice on exam nerves, general difficulties with studying, problems with partners and separation, problems with self-esteem/fear of the future, internet addiction, help with decisions of any kind, homesickness, isolation, etc. Student Centre (Silberstr. 1)

International Centre Clausthal (IZC)

Central contact point for all international affairs and language competence. Provider of the Welcome Service Center (Room 17). Graupenstraße 11

RZ Helpdesk

Support for IT problems in the university area, e.g. allocation of computer center accounts, loss of password or configuration of a program for using central computer center services (eduroam, Stud.IP, printing services, software etc.) Room 043, computer center (Erzstraße 18, building B5)

Student Union

Financial Advice (BAföG), Administration of Student Residences, Cultural Events ServiceCenter, Leibnizstr. 12

AStA (General Student Committee)

"The student parliament, i.e. indirectly by all students, [elects] the AStA. The AStA is the strong arm of the StuPa, which carries out its demands [...]" Studentenzentrum (Silberstr. 1)

student representatives

Representation of all students depending on the course of study