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General contents of the Steiger College program

Preparing students for university studies:

  • Preparatory STEM courses (math refresher course, orientation courses in chemistry, physics, or economics and business administration)
  • Workshop on time management and planning
  • Workshop on study techniques and methods
  • Workshop on preventing exam nerves

Industrial placements:

  • Workshop on job applications – What needs to go into an effective application?
  • Contact with regional businesspeople and alumni

Team building:

  • Getting exercise and looking after your health
  • Work-life balance
  • Various team events
  • Outdoor adventure

Integration into the university and town community:

  • Open meetings with professors for informal discussion
  • Projects at facilities outside the university

Lectures with exams:

All participants receive a Steiger College certificate in a ceremony held at the end of the program.

The Steiger College program gives students a lot of space to find their own way, try things out, and enjoy themselves.