Travel information

Traveling to Clausthal

Traveling by car

  • From Hanover and Kassel:
    Highway A7 to exit Seesen; road B243 direction Osterode; after approx. 5 km road B242 to Clausthal-Zellerfeld.
  • From Berlin:
    Highway A2 to Kreuz Wolfsburg-Königslutter; highway A39 to Kreuz BS-Süd, from here direction Bad Harzburg; highway A395 to Bad Harzburger Dreieck; road B6 direction Goslar; from Goslar road B241 to Clausthal-Zellerfeld.
  • From Leipzig:
    Highway A38 to Nordhausen; road B243 direction Osterode; from Osterode road B241 to Clausthal-Zellerfeld.

Traveling by rail and bus

  • From Hanover and Berlin:
    Take train to Goslar; from Goslar station take bus no. 830 to Clausthal-Zellerfeld (station: "Kronenplatz").
  • From Kassel:
    Take train to Northeim or Herzberg and from there take bus to Clausthal-Zellerfeld.

Traveling to Goslar

Traveling by car

  • From north:
    Highway A7 Hamburg/Hannover in direction Kassel; Connection (AS) Derneburg/Salzgitter/Goslar and then via B6 to Goslar or AS Rhüden (Harz)/Goslar and then via B82 to Goslar
  • From south:
    Highway A7 Kassel/Göttingen in direction Hannover; AS Seesen and via B248 and B82 to Goslar or AS Rhüden (Harz)/Goslar and via B82 to Goslar
  • From west:
    Highway A2 Dortmund/Hannover; from Hannover Autobahn A7 Hannover in direction Kassel, then the same way as from north
  • From east:
    Highway A2 Berlin in direction Braunschweig; Highway cross (AK) Wolfsburg-Königslutter to A 39; AK Braunschweig Süd to A 395 in direction Bad Harzburg; AS Goslar via B6 to Goslar
  • From Clausthal-Zellerfeld:
    Federal road B241 to Goslar

Traveling by rail

The train station Goslars is at the edge of the historical old town. Goslar is connection point of the following rail lines:

  • Hannover - Hildesheim - Goslar - Bad Harzburg - Wernigerode - Halberstadt - Halle (KBS 320/330)
  • Braunschweig - Vienenburg - Bad Harzburg - Goslar - Seesen - Kreiensen (KBS 353/354)

Traveling by bus

Goslar is connected to the surrounding cities and municipalities by the regional bus Braunschweig.