Quality management in research and knowledge transfer

TU Clausthal’s quality-management system for research and knowledge transfer supports the university in its efforts to continuously test, safeguard, and develop the quality of its instruments, services, and processes with reference to its vision and its strategic quality objectives. The university has identified the following strategic quality objectives with respect to its research and knowledge transfer:

  1. TU Clausthal consolidates its position as a strong research university in the areas of specialization identified in university development planning and raises its national and international visibility in the scientific arena.
  2. TU Clausthal fosters its researchers’ professional and personal development at all stages of their careers.
  3. By spreading its knowledge into the private sector and wider society, TU Clausthal helps enhance the capacity for innovation inherent in Germany as a business location and in its local region.
  4. TU Clausthal supports its researchers using effective and efficient research-management structures and processes, consistently deploying the full potential of digital technology to that end.

To attain these objectives, our quality-management (QM) system for research and knowledge transfer institutionalizes quality-assurance procedures in accordance with the established QM standards and requirements for service providers and university research


TU Clausthal Central Quality-Management Officer

Prof. Dr. C. Schwindt
Phone: +49 5323 72-7615
E-Mail: christoph.schwindt@tu-clausthal.de