General information

Update from 1st April

Dear students,

After consultation with the crisis comittee, the presidential board of Clausthal University has decided on changes in out Covid measures.

In detail, the following now applies:

  • As of Monday, 4 April 2022, the "3G rule" will no longer apply. An exception are written exams (see below).
  • Masks (medical or FFP2/KN95) are mandatory in all classes and lectures, also at the seat and regardless of distances. It is strongly recommended to wear a FFP2/KN95 mask.
  • All measures for written exams continue to apply up to and including Monday, 11 April 2022, (masks at all times, also at the seat; "3G rule" with extended testing requirement).

If you are exempt from wearing a mask for medical reasons, please inform the responsible instructors before the start of the class and provide proof.

You can find the current measures here:

At the same time, I would like to make the following urgent recommendations to help you protect yourself, fellow students and staff..

  • Please do not come to class if you have cold symptoms unless you can safely exclude that they are not caused by a contagious disease (e.g. if they are due to an allergy).
  • Please continue to keep your distance. If possible, please utilise the available room capacity. Please comply with requests of the instructores to maintain  distances even if you do not observe these distances in everyday life (e.g. because you live together, play sports together, etc.).
  • Since teachers cannot always protect themselves by wearing a mask in lectures because this would, for example, make them harder to understand, please also pay attention to distances to the instructors. If possibly, sit further away from the instructors.
  • In rooms where this is possible, consider opening windows every once in a while or ask other participants or the instructors to do so. Remind instructors to provide breaks in longer classes.
  • Continue to use self-tests for additional safety. When doing so, please keep in mind that a negative self-test does not definitely rule out a Covid infection and stay home if you have symptoms even with a negative rapid test.

I hope that we will be able to conduct most of the upcoming semester as a "normal" face-to-face semester. This will require that we continue to protect ourselves and others as best we can. Keep in mind that infections among faculty or students can lead to cancellations of classes that will have to be made up.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued understanding of the Covid measures and for your cooperation.

For any exams that may still have to take, I wish you success and a good start into a more "normal" semester.

Please protect yourself and others and stay healthy.

With kind regards

Christian Bohn

VP for teaching and student affairs

Update from 7th February

Dear students,

With this e-mail I would like to inform you about our plans for the upcoming summer semester 2022.

Currently, face-to-face teaching under the "3G rule" is possible at universities in Lower Saxony until the end of the winter semester.

Provided that these regulations remain in place, teaching face-to-face will continue to be possible at Clausthal University of Technology for the coming summer semester. The presidential board strongly supports face-to-face teaching and has asked all instructors who have offered online courses so far to carefully consider, if possible also taking into account the opinion of the students, whether a return to face-to-face teaching is possible.

Nevertheless, online classes will not be excluded and face-to-face courses will not be obligatory. Therefore, I ask both for mutual understanding at this point. I ask for your understanding that instructors decide for or against face-to-face teaching after considering teaching and organizational aspects as well as the pandemic situation and possibly the opinion of the participants. I have asked the teachers for understanding and support for students who decide against participation in face-to-face classes, e.g. due to an individual assessment of their risk.

I also ask you to help and support your fellow students.

If, in the coming semester, Covid regulations are made stricter and tests for students become mandarory on a larger scale, a reassessment of the situation comparing the amount of testing needed with the testing capacity available in Clausthal will be necessary. It is then possible that only classes with small numbers of participants could take place in a face-to-face setting, while large classes would have to be conducted online. The development of the overall pandemic situation may also necessitate reassessment at any time.

At the present time, it is unfortunately not possible to say anything beyond these general statements. I ask for your understanding for this uncertainty. I will of course inform you of any changes immediately.

Please continue to take care of yourself and others, stay healthy and try to make the best of this situation, which remains to be difficult for all of us.

Yours sincerely

Christian Bohn

VP for teaching and student affairs


Notice for students for examinations (last updated: 20.01.2022)

Conduct of examinations from 29 March (circular of 18.03.2021)

No face-to-face examsuntil 27 March (circular of 01.03.2021)

No face-to-face exams untilMarch 27 (as of 22.02.2021)

No attendance examsuntil February 28 (as of 22.01.2021)

Information for students on online examinations (as at: 09.07.2021)


General information on the increase of the individual standard period of study (as at: 02.02.2021)

Here you can find the information as PDF.


Hardship regulations concerning the limitation of the maximum duration of studies and the learning control

  1. The regulations limiting the maximum duration of studies according to § 6, paragraph 4 APO are suspended for all students until September 30, 2021.
  2. Students who are threatened by the limitation of the maximum duration of studies after the 2021/22 winter semester must submit a regular, justified hardship case application to their examination board in due time, as regulated in § 6, paragraph 4 APO.
  3. For students of the Bachelor's programs in Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, Business Administration and Digital Management, the performance assessment is suspended until the end of the winter semester 2020/21.

(As of 18.11.2020)


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Regulations for the examination of the fulfilment of requirements in Master's courses

For students who have been admitted to a Master's program at Clausthal University of Technology for WS 2019/2020 and SS 2020 under certain conditions, the fulfillment of conditions is extended until the end of the summer semester 2021.