Before you arrive to study in Clausthal, please be sure to note the following: Although there is no COVID19 vaccination requirement in Germany, we strongly advise vaccination. The following COVID19 vaccines are approved in Germany:

If you have been vaccinated with another vaccine, you are considered unvaccinated according to German regulations and stricter rules may apply to you.

Please follow the regulations for entering Germany:

Important information for international students and applicants about COVID-19

  • Since in general all travels that are not absolutely necessary should be avoided, there is the possibility that you may not enter Germany although you have received a visa.

    You can find information about the current travel restrictions here.

  • All travelers must have a Corona test that is no more than 48 hours old. A first test must be carried out on entry from a risk area, then a fourteen-day quarantine begins regardless of the test result. In general PCR-, LAMP-, TMA  as well as anti gene tests will be acknowledged. However, the quarantine can be terminated prematurely on the fifth day of quarantine if the result of a second test (PCR test) is negative.
    Important: Only when entering or returning from a "normal" risk area is it possible to be "terminated" via a PCR test. In high-incidence or virus variant areas, the fourteen-day obligation of isolation applies without exception.

    In case of entry from (normal) risk areas, the testing obligation can be fulfilled by testing within 48 hours before arrival or by testing immediately after entry.

    Entry from virus variant areas, i.e. countries in which the particularly dangerous mutated viruses are already widespread is not possible at present.

    The current lists of the three types of risk areas can be found on the RKI website.

    More information can be found here (page only available in German).

    You need to have completed a Digital Registration for Entry prior to travelling to Germany. Your travel and contact details will be passed on to the local health authority.

    You may find further information on current requirements for entry to Germany on the webpage of the Federal Ministry of Health

  • Kellerclub and Rotaract Clausthal-Zellerfeld will help you to do your shopping if you are not allowed to leave your apartment. Please fill out the following form.

  • For the extension of residence permits you have to make an appointment online with the aliens' registration office.

  • If you want to enroll at a German university, it is a legal requirement that you are covered by German health insurance. Normally, you will need to provide proof of a German health insurance or an exemption from this insurance when you enroll.

    At present, there is an exemption that you may already enroll from your home country without having a German health insurance. This will ensure that you will already be enrolled while still in your home country and thus can attend online classes.

    However, if you enter Germany at a later date and continue your studies in Clausthal-Zellerfeld, you will have to pay the German health insurance premiums. The obligation to pay the health insurance contributions begins on the day you enroll at a German university, i.e. at Clausthal University of Technology.

Update 22.09.2021

In the winter semester 2021/2022, Clausthal University of Technology (TUC) will return to face-to-face teaching. This holds for classes and for exams. Even though some classes and exams might still take place online, the semester will be a regular face-to-face -- neither an online and nor a hybrid -- semester. Studying requires participating in lectures, exercises, classes, labs, seminars, etc. and taking oral and written exams, in person. Therefore, being physically present in Clausthal is necessary.

Enrolling and re-registering as a student in Germany by law requires proof of health insurance. This is important for international students since obtaining health insurance in Germany usually requires residency in Germany. Students who do not live in Germany can, therefore, not obtain health insurance. Studying at TUC from abroad is, thus, no longer possible. As we are returning to face-to-face teaching, the previous nationwide exception that held for several semesters, that were exclusively conducted online,  is no longer in effect.

Students currently not in Clausthal and as well as new students are urged to plan their coming (back) to Clausthal as soon as possible. New students are strongly advised to participate in the introductory events during the welcome weeks (

To participate in classes, you have to follow the Covid-19 regulations of TUC. The current Covid-19 regulations of TUC are avaliable through the link "Corona Maßnahmen" on the site Specifically, the "3G rule" is in effect. This means that only persons who can provide proof of full immunization status against Covid-19 with a vaccine approved in the European Union (, official proof of recovery from a Covid-19 infection, or an official current negative test result (PCR test, valid for 48 hours; PoC Test, valid for 24 hours) may take part in classes and exams. Please note that getting tested might be expensive and time consuming. Vaccinations against Covid-19 are available free of charge in Germany.

Update 21.06.2021

Attendance Certificates

The Federal Foreign Office, in coordination with the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Construction and Home Affairs, has announced that the requirement of attendance certificates can generally be waived:

"Entry for the purpose of taking up studies as well as study visits for individual semesters are possible. This is to be proven with a corresponding letter of admission from the respective university. Proof of compulsory attendance is not required, as the universities regularly conduct a blend of online- and face-to-face teaching."

This regulation does not apply to entry from virus variant areas, which is still generally not possible, i.e. not even for study purposes.

Therefore, Clausthal University of Technology will not issue attendance certificates for the current summer semester.


Update 16.09.2020

Compulsory Health Insurance for International Students

To be able to enroll at a university in Germany, you are legally obliged to have health insurance. Usually, proof of health insurance valid for Germany or proof of an exemption need to be provided upon the time of enrollment.

There is an exception for the winter term of 2020/21, however:  you can already enroll from your home country without having concluded a German health insurance contract. That way, it can be ensured that you can already enroll while still in your home country and thus are able to participate in online-lectures.

However, if you then enter Germany at a later time to continue your studies on campus, you are obligated to back payments of the German health insurance fees. The obligation of back payments commences the day of enrollment at a German university, so in this case at Clausthal University of Technology.



Update 31.03.2020

In addition to the update of 12.03.2020, the following further note is given:

Returnees from abroad are obliged to contact their supervisor and the Human Resources Department immediately after their return. They are FORBIDDEN to enter the buildings or premises of Clausthal University of Technology for 14 days after their return. In this respect, no differentiation is made as to whether the country of destination is classified as an international risk area by the Robert Koch Institute.


Update 16.03.2020

In order to ensure everyone’s health and safety, and acting on the latest Government decrees regarding the coronavirus outbreak, Clausthal University of Technology decided to take the following preventive measures:

  • There will be no classes, lectures or exams until April 19, 2020
  • In case you need get in touch with staff of the International Center Clausthal, please do so via e-mail.
  • If you would still like to register for the upcoming term, please so via postal mail.
  • We strongly recommend to exchange students to postpone your stay until winter term 2020/21 (October 2020 – March 2021)

We are closely following official information from the German federal as well as from the government of Lower Saxony, and will keep you informed accordingly.

All students and staff are being informed regularly via the e-mails about the latest updates. Everyone is required to stay at home for 14 days, if they have recently returned from abroad. During this period they are required to monitor their respective health status.

For the time being international mobility is cancelled/postponed. Business trips are only allowed, if absolutely necessary.

We are doing everything possible to address the need to prevent the spread of the coronavirus while also minimizing the inconveniences of the measures taken.

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe.



In principle, we recommend the following precautionary measures to everyone, also in view of the current wave of influenza:

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Good respiratory hygiene - cover mouth and nose with the crook of your arm when coughing or sneezing, use handkerchiefs and dispose of them immediately
  • Avoid close contact with sick people
  • Do not shake hands (you will find the poster with the corresponding note at the end of this information in English)
  • People who feel unwell, have fever, cough or breathing difficulties must stay at home.

Further Information

To find a doctor: or dial 116-117

Federal Foreign Office


World Health Organization (WHO)

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control


Contact persons at TU Clausthal

International Center Clausthal
Hasan Habbabeh
+49 5323 72-3918

China Competence Center
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