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Campus map

You can move the map by dragging with the mouse and zoom by using the scroll wheel. You can turn on and off different layers on the map via the menu that will open if you click the "+" on the right side of the map.

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You can also look at the facility list.

Further Information

> List of all institutes and facilities
> WiTUC WLAN-Hotspots of the Campus-WLAN (How to use the WLAN)
> Lebendige Lernorte Informationen about lebendige Lernorte (Informationen zu den lebendigen Lernorten)
> Static version of the campus map (does not require Javascript)
> Traveling to the TU Clausthal
> Town map at OpenStreetMap, Google Maps or Microsoft Live Maps
> kml file for Google Earth

Printable versions

> Complete map, A4 2 pages (2018, pdf, 732.9K)
> Complete map, A3 (2018, pdf, 261.4K)
> Traveling to EFZN Goslar, A4 (2013, pdf, 141.9K)
> Complete map (2018, gif, 732.9K)

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