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Welcome Week/Preparatory courses

To help you find your feet in those early days, TU Clausthal runs what we call Welcome Weeks in the one or two weeks before the beginning of semester.

The new first years in each degree program are split into small groups and guided around the university by older students. As well as drawing up your timetable, you will learn about the whole university and its surroundings, be introduced to the various student facilities, have the exam rules explained to you, get to know your fellow students, and have all your questions answered as completely as can be.

To give you as smooth a start into your degree program as possible, various preparatory courses are offered in the context of the Welcome Weeks. Additional information will be provided with your admission papers.

Preparatory courses

Preparatory Mathematics Course

The aim is not only to reawaken long-slumbering high-school math and fill any gaps, but also to take really good prior knowledge to the next level. This course has something for everyone.

Preparatory Chemistry Course

This course provides students who had little or no chemistry at high school with an introduction to the foundations of the field.

Preparatory Electrical Engineering Course

The preparatory course in electrical engineering represents a brief guided tour around the world of an electrical engineer.

Welcome Week

Every year, we continue the long-established tradition of our Welcome Week. Experienced students known as Bärchenführer (literally ‘teddy-bear guides’) pass on important information to the first years. There is a real sense of community as new students find out everything they need to know about everyday life on campus and discover how they might spend their free time.
More information

More information about the Welcome Week and preparatory courses is available on the web pages of the Student Center.