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Science at first hand

Interested in science and engineering? Keen to inform yourself about what TU Clausthal has to offer?

At TU Clausthal, you have a whole range of ways– well before you leave high school – to find out about the content of the various degree programs and the jobs they can lead to.

Options for pupils

  • High-school seminars
    Visit TU Clausthal on a weekend to learn about a particular degree program. Our seminars for high-school students give you the chance not only to listen to presentations about what particular degree programs are about but also to get to know a topic at a really practical level.
  • Science-4-Girls
    TU Clausthal provides a large number of interesting girls-only opportunities to find out about studying in Clausthal and about the degree programs in science and technology that are available here.

Options for teachers and schools

  • School labs
    Bring your students to visit the laboratories of TU Clausthal’s chemistry institutes, and use the university’s technical equipment to conduct interesting experiments.
  • Schools open days
    For two days every March, all the institutes of TU Clausthal open their doors to visitors. We give tours for small groups of high-school students that are tailored to their individual interests, calling by different institutes where researchers present their respective subjects and the related career prospects.
  • Courses for teachers
    Research is constantly moving forward, so we offer courses as an opportunity for teachers to catch up on the latest developments and fascinating new elements that they can take back to the classroom to discuss with their students.
  • Flying Science Circus
    TU Clausthal’s Flying Science Circus would love to visit your school with a range of scientists who will demonstrate interesting experiments that would be beyond the possibilities of normal school equipment and explain the practical implications of their various fields of study.


TU Clausthal has organized the young researchers competition Jugend forscht in Lower Saxony since 1981. It also offers preparatory seminars for the International Chemistry Olympiad.
More information

There is a whole range of ways to find out about TU Clausthal well before you leave high school.


Whom to contact

Jochen Brinkmann M.A.

Phone: +49 5323 72-7755
Albrecht-von-Groddeck-Straße 7
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld