Materials Science and Engineering (Master)

Materials control and shape the future of our society! Even our present-day life is inconceivable without a variety of materials. Without concrete and steel, for example, there would be no high-rise buildings and traffic routes, and without copper, today's electrical power supply would be inconceivable. Automobiles and other modern means of transport are made of a wide variety of materials and material combinations, from metals and plastics to a wide range of functional materials for electronics and sensors.

The requirements placed on the functionality and economy of consumer goods and everyday products are becoming increasingly complex. Energy and raw material efficiency as well as environmental protection are further driving factors for the necessary development of new technologies, which imperatively require the expansion of basic knowledge as a prerequisite for the creation of new materials. Here, materials science is in demand, which, on the basis of physical and chemical fundamentals using analytical methods, creates the prerequisites for the development of materials and materials that meet the requirements and knows how to exploit the potential of already existing materials. But also the understanding and mastery of the various production processes are indispensable to ensure the current level of energy efficiency, safety, comfort as well as availability of technical products at acceptable prices and to expand in the future. This focus is offered by the Materials Engineering program with its broad engineering education.

Job profile and labor market

The high level of development in materials engineering as well as materials research and the broad spectrum of competencies are a special feature of Clausthal University of Technology and form a good prerequisite for a successful professional career. The graduate of this study program is qualified for a broad employment in the field of

  • basic and industrial research
  • industrial application development
  • production and quality assurance
  • management
  • public authorities
  • industrial services

According to statistical surveys, the demand for qualified graduates in materials science and materials engineering is unmet. Here, a considerable demand for specialists is forecast for the future, for whom lucrative jobs are available.

Technical focus

Field of Study Materials Science
  • Computational Materials Science
  • Nanostructured Materials
  • Interfaces and Corrosion
  • Functional Materials and Sensors
Field of Study Materials Engineering
  • Metallurgical Process Technology
  • Foundry Technology
  • Forming Technology
  • Materials science of metals
  • Plastics Processing & Polymers
  • Glasses & Binders

Program advisors and Program supervisor

Dr. Leif Steuernagel
Phone: +49 5323 72-2947
Fax: +49 5323 72-2324
Institute of Polymer Materials and Plastics Engineering
Agricolastraße 6
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld


Program outline

Type of program: Master
Duration: 4 Semester
Language of teaching: German
Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Start date: Admission to the winter semester, but also to the summer semester possible.
Urkunde ASIIN

Starting your studies

Welcome Weeks (before the start of lectures)
The Clausthal University of Technology supports the start of studies with various event formats.

Pre-course in mathematics (before the start of lectures)
The Institute of Mathematics offers a pre-course in mathematics for Bachelor's degree programmes. Master's students who would like to refresh their mathematics knowledge are also welcome to attend this course.

Admission requirement

Successful completion of a Bachelor's degree in Materials Science and Engineering or a closely related course of study.