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Advisory Boards

  • University Council (Hochschulrat)
    The University Council advises the Presidential Board of the University (i.e. the President’s Office) and the Academic Senate, it confirms the proposals of the Senate regarding nomination, appointment or dismissal of members of the Presidential Board and provides opinion on economic and development plans.
  • Senate
    The Senate decides on regulations and on the development plan of the University. It provides opinion on all administrative matters of fundamental importance, especially on the creation, alteration or withdrawal of faculties as well as on the introduction, fundamental alterations and withdrawal of courses of study.
  • Faculty Committees
    The Faculty Committees decide on all fundamental matters of research and teaching. They determine the faculty rules, especially the examination regulations and provide opinion on the introduction, alterations and withdrawal of courses of study to the Presidential Board. The Faculty Committees agree on the number of members of the respective deaneries in accordance with the University’s constitution and they elect their members.

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